About Us

Our Philosophy

Boopie’s Closet is a Unique Infant to Adult Specialty Item Online Boutique. It’s a wonderful place to find one of a kind custom gifts at reasonable prices.

At Boopie’s Closet we hand make and/or embellish all of our designs one piece at a time with love, knowing it is going to be part of someone’s special event, celebration or wardrobe.

We give the utmost of care and individual attention to each & every piece and with that we want our customers to understand, as with any art, there may be variations from photos because we do not mass produce anything. These variations, as artists, are our individual expression and/or interpretation of the product at the time. As such, our clients embrace our craft as one of a kind works of art.

Also, please know that while every item is new and unused, we do pre-wash and iron t-shirts/onesies to ensure better adhesion of our appliques. But, if for any reason a garment doesn’t live up to expectation, please contact us for repair and/or replacement. It is of the utmost importance that we honor our relationship with you first. Your thoughts about us are very important because we’d like to be included in your child’s wardrobe for a long time.

Special requests are ALWAYS WELCOME and usually not a problem. We hope you enjoy us!

More Questions

We are available to answer any questions you may have about our product line by phone at 732-991-1568, please leave message if no answer and we will call you back ASAP OR for faster service email us at: boopiescloset@gmail.com.

Special Dates and Requests

Do you need an order for a special occasion or date? If so, make sure to include that information in a quick email to us when you order so that we are all on the same page.

Communication is the best way for us to understand you, and for you to be satisfied with us. So, feel free to email anytime at boopiescloset@gmail.com.

When you order know that your order is very important to us, as is your satisfaction so please remember …. This is a MADE JUST for YOU kind of place, NOT an Amazon, mass quantity, get it in 2 days, kind of place. The way we do it takes a little extra time but we hope you like it as much as we enjoy making it.

Our Story: A Simple Questions Starts a Business

My friends call me Shellie.  I am a mother, grandmother (Nonni) and a wife.  I have always been these and a working woman.

My first job ever was as an Arts & Crafts teacher at a children summer camp.  Back then I was a budding artist with no real direction but, as the summer camp was my family’s business, the running of that business had to start somewhere…after 25 years I had worked every job in camp and made my way to the Director’s chair.

In 2011, after years of service, it was time to retire.  I had given my life to the family business.  My children had grown and experienced extraordinary opportunities, and I had reached that goal in life. Now it was time to find my own direction and that was a return to Art.  The question was where to go.

I focused on art in high school and then in college majored in Marketing Art & Design, and Advertising. As a youth in Girl Scouts, I learned to sew, and as a mom, helped my mother who was an incredible seamstress.  So, the world was my oyster… so to speak, but what would satisfy this next chapter of my life?

That same year my first granddaughter was born, she has a beautiful given name but my husband and I call her Boopie.  Right from the start she was this adorable little package of joy.  Shortly thereafter my daughter asked if I could make a tutu for Boopie, and so the spark was lit.

Boopie’s Closet started at craft fairs and local outlets.  We specialized in the Art of the Tutu, but as our business expanded and requested came in, our product line expand too.  We made boys clothing items, and themed birthday outfits, newborn and shower gifts and then we took the next step and went online.

We opened our first Etsy shop in 2012.  We purchased an embroidery machine and everything blossomed!

We now personalize many of our t-shirts and birthday theme sets, we make a ton of personalized baby gifts, and wedding gifts; like Monogrammed towels, napkins and tablecloths.  And we still continue our Art of the Tutu with princess tutu gowns in every character, theme and color.  The most thrilling orders are still those where a client asks “Do you think you can make something like….?”  Our creative juices fly into overdrive!

We have prince and princess crowns for dressing up and imaginary play, superhero capes and accessories, barrettes and headpieces, blankets, onesies, t-shirts, towels, embroidered framed artwork, gown, tutus, flower-girl dresses and bow ties…and the list goes on.

Boopies Closet has developed into career #2 combining my passion for children and art into one. 

We make everything by hand, one at a time and with so much love that your little Boopie Girl or Boopie Boy will know they are special every time they wear our products.

We are expanding all the time but are ALWAYS open to help you make that special idea come to life.  So, feel free to ask us anything.

We hope you enjoy, Boopies Closet.  Shellie